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True Shape Sensation! Discover more about this collection!

05 March 2023

True Shape Sensation! Discover more about this collection!

True Shape Sensation! Discover more about this collection!

Characterized by the support its pieces provide and developed to fulfill the needs of the modern woman, it is a line that promises to make your day to day life easier, guaranteeing all the freedom of your movements.

Their innovative fabrics provide maximum support while smoothing, shaping and sculpting your curves to perfection, including the waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs!

All to contribute to your self-esteem and ensure that you are always comfortable and secure with your body.

The entire True Shape Sensation line is composed of lingerie made with the best ultra-light fabrics that follow your daily movements. With invisible flat seams under your clothes, so you can wear your outfits with maximum confidence.

Available in a diverse range of sizes and styles, there is a piece for every shape and size.

From bras, to bodysuits or shaping girdles, that promise to enhance and favor any silhouette!

Triumph Bra True Sensation N01

  • Modeling and minimizing effect
  • No rim, no seams and invisible effect
  • Ideal for more voluminous breasts, which guarantees a subtle finish for larger cups, without forgetting all the necessary support

Triumph Body True Sensation BS

  • High-modeling effect especially in the belly and back area
  • Ensures a slim and favored silhouette
  • Minimizing effect, rimless and seamless

The True Shape Sensation collection is the perfect choice for you, who want to take your shapewear collection to the next level! Try it now!

If you need more personalized help, you can also contact our expert service via WhatsApp: 927 746 105

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